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Which car to buy?!

Posted by automobz on December 1, 2008

mahindra-bolero-stingerAnd here I was, staring down at the front end of this clothed-in-yellow SUV which I so desperately wanted. I am an avid off-roader and want something that can really handle the tough terrain well. The pocket, however, isn’t deep enough to even realistically think about things called Pajeros or Prados. This got me thinking. How many options do we have in the SUV segment, in the current climate, that can sell with the tag of ‘priced under eight lakh’? Not many. The only really good off road machines that we have that undercut the list price of a million are perhaps a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, Mahindra Bolero and Scorpio, Tata Safari and the Force Gurkha, which is the odd one out here, for it is never on any sane person’s mind when thinking about a SUV that would do its business in city as well.

Well, although it is a mountain goat when it comes to execute off-roading activities, I decided not to opt for the Gypsy owing to its horrid ride quality. You see, I intend to keep the car with me forever and would use it as an everyday vehicle, so essential luxuries are imperative for me, like an air con, power steering etc etc… I also want it to be a diesel which would not only save me a considerable amount of money at fuel filling stations, but will also endow the SUV with a tide of torque spread evenly across the rev band. Gypsy cancelled, what then? Perhaps a Safari? It is a good off-road tool, for certain, but has a bit too soft a handling under normal circumstances. Don’t laugh, but the Gurkha was on top of mind, really. It looks the part, is great when it comes to dancing off the road and has a modest engine too. Still, it is too crude and highly unrefined and the lack of any essential item does it for me. So it was all boiling down to either the Bolero or Scorpio, and anyone, in his sane mind-frame would opt for the latter, right? Wrong. It was not to be that way for me.

Please understand, I was not a bottle of Scotch down. I so surely am sure about your reaction of raised eyebrows, upon my decision of going in for the Bolero. The Scorpio, you see, is too supple for me. I like the manly design of the Bolero and the ride and handling characteristics of the Bolero are quite good, too. Works for me then! Only that there is Bolero Stinger that has made my mouth salivate for it. And it comes with the CRDe engine too now… what more could I ask for? Heck, there’s still no 4WD option coming in, so that ruins the party. And the cost is another factor, which at close to about 10lakh is a little steep for the brand value of the ‘Bolero’ name. But there is no way on earth that I can now go back to Bolero after experiencing the Stinger. It is that ever growing wait it is then, or perhaps I should start hunting for one of those Mini Pajeros… one in good nick. For the time being though, I am back swinging leg around the saddle of my two-wheeled steed.


2 Responses to “Which car to buy?!”

  1. Hi!

    This blog of yours caught my attention and it was worth reading. I was actually surprised that somebody can actually prefer a Bolero instead of a Scorpio.

    I would like to tell that whosoever has framed the write-up, is commendable. It actually forces you to read the read blog in full.

    But is Automobz not live as a site?and another thing i would suggest you is that the person whoever writes the blogs, should share his/ her name with the article.Thats just a suggestion.

    Sonika Sharma

  2. automobz said

    Dear Sonika,

    Thanks for the lovely words of appreciation.

    Yes, it was quite surprising for us too when we found out that the very guys who’re in the business of road-testing cars and hence suggesting the right kind of a car to others, would find it so hard to chalk down a car for themselves!

    We hope you like all the other Blog entries that’ve been penned down here.

    The suggestion of sharing the name of the author is noted and we will surely do something about it.

    As for Automobz going live, I’ve been told by my IT mad-chaps that work is going on in full swing. Although everyone in the team fits the bill for endorsing the ‘eccentric’ tag, which in essence means that anything can happen anytime, I can safely assure you about us going live by mid Jan ’09.

    Oh, and yes, as startling as you may find it to be, Bolero surely is quite a decent set of wheels!


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