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Audi’s Small Car for India – A1

Posted by automobz on December 4, 2008

audi_a1_05Until some recent time back, there was not a single example in its line-up belonging to the burgeoning SUV segment. But German auto firm Audi realized the potential and launched the, now much famous and celebrated, Q7. Ever since then this fat, bulbous, heavy-at-the-arse SUV has been the vanguard of segment sales. Other SUVs in the offing are Q5 and ‘under-development’ Q3. And now, the four-ringed firm has become conscious about its presence in yet another lucrative sector – that being the small-car segment. Read the rest of this entry »


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Chevrolet Cruze – India’s Optra Replacement?

Posted by automobz on November 4, 2008

chevrolet-cruze-11America surely has this strange penchant for anything related to the Asian continent, no? It started with taking over the whole of Afganistan and then everyone knows what happened to Iraq. And just one man was at the top of it all – Mr ‘flowering shrub’. The act filtered down to the automotive world too and GM took over the struggling Korean automaker Daewoo. Anyone see a link there? Oh, GM is American too, right. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mazda – A good prospect for India?

Posted by automobz on October 3, 2008

Just as the Paris Motor Show is about to start and Mazda will flaunt its Kiyora, I got thinking about two other cars from the Japanese auto-maker more seriously than any of its concepts. I confess that I have a personal liking towards Mazda. The RX8 is one sports car that I would love to own, primarily because it does not have any of the regular sports car drawbacks. And then is the engine – a rotary. It is merely a 1.3L unit but has 232 manic horses waiting angrily to unleash their power. Nothing gets better than owning a hyper-performance car that is endowed with the goodies and does well to endorse a mad-hat character. Read the rest of this entry »

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