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Audi’s Small Car for India – A1

Posted by automobz on December 4, 2008

audi_a1_05Until some recent time back, there was not a single example in its line-up belonging to the burgeoning SUV segment. But German auto firm Audi realized the potential and launched the, now much famous and celebrated, Q7. Ever since then this fat, bulbous, heavy-at-the-arse SUV has been the vanguard of segment sales. Other SUVs in the offing are Q5 and ‘under-development’ Q3. And now, the four-ringed firm has become conscious about its presence in yet another lucrative sector – that being the small-car segment. Read the rest of this entry »


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Fiat 500 launched in India

Posted by automobz on July 19, 2008

What does one do on a Friday evening in a metropolis like Mumbai? Well, if you’re the kind who prefers to get back home and relax, read no further. Well, on second thought, you should rather read this all the more carefully, as it contains the subject that will urge you to get out of the cozy confines of your bedroom. And if you are the sort who likes to head-bang to mad music at a discotheque or just grove in sync with the beats, you will associate with what we experienced on this Friday, the 18th. The music was indeed quite loud and groovy, but it was no discotheque that we went to. We were invited for an automotive event, that being the launch of Fiat 500. Read the rest of this entry »

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